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Tramadol Online Coupons, Is Tramadol Illegal To Buy Online

Available for functions ( free of charge ). We can hold anything up to 300 people and we can tailor the venue to suit your event.

Order Cheap Tramadol Online

For more info call us on 0141 334 8888 or email Purchase Tramadol Online Cod

Online Tramadol Prescription



We have the booths and couch area that hold anything up to 80 people. This area can be sectioned off as a private space for your group/party only. The seating in this area is great for people to have private comfortable booths but also close enough to mingle with other people in the party.


Jerry’s Den is our private room that can hold up 40 people. The space has a private bar, pool table, projector screen and is perfect for smaller parties and sporting events. The pool table can be covered if not required. The projector screen can be used to show live sport, play music DVDs or if not required can be pulled up to make it un-noticeable.


The main bar section of Record Factory can be hired along with the booth and couch area or can hired separate and sectioned off. This means we can cater for anything between 40 and 200 people. We are very flexible with the areas we have available to cater your booking to your exact requirements. Additional seating can also be hired for any bookings over 200.


An amazing outdoor space that is ideal for a Summer afternoon in the sunshine with the BBQ out. The area can hold anything up to 100 people and there are various sections in the garden that can be booked out.




We have various buffet options available to cater for you party, as well as a BBQ option that can also be provided. One of our events team can discuss all food and drinks packages available with you at the time of booking.

Can You Still Get Tramadol Online

For more info call us on 0141 334 8888 or email Purchase Tramadol Online Cod

Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online