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The Record Factory is an ambitious fusion of music and revelry in Glasgow. With impeccable acoustics and hip design, this West End Dive Bar has fast became the best late night hangout in the West End with a 2am license.

Nestled discretely in the heart of Byres Road amongst eatery’s and vintage clothing stores, The Record Factory takes inspiration from the underground bars of New York giving Glasgow’s rock ‘n’ roll scene something to get excited about.

With its private spaces, huge beer garden, booths, pool area and laidback seating, The Record Factory is the perfect place to eat, drink, gig, dance and simply spend some time with friends.

Come see what all the fuss is about

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Order Tramadol Online Overnight Cod, Cheap Tramadol Overnight




The Record Factory
17 Byres Rd, Glasgow G11 5RD
44 141 334 8888

Purchase Tramadol Online Cod

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap